Battery Forklifts

Battery Forklifts

The Maximal engineering team using advanced high tech design ideology has developed their world class three wheel electric forklift. The three wheel type design is the perfect machine for dock operations loading and unloading trucks and trailers. The compact and streamlined body can manoeuvre in close spaces and narrow aisle applications eliminating the need for more expensive reach machines.
1-1.8T Four Wheel Battery Forklift

High performance AC drive motor is mounted parallel to the frame width allowing the battery compartment to positioned lower creating a lower centre of gravity to enhance stability.

1.3-2T Three Wheel Battery Forklift

The truck is equipped with AC type drive, pump and steering motors providing high torque performance and reduced maintenance. 

2-3.5T Four Wheel Battery Forklift

Large grab handle and low step height allows easy operator access-egress to the operator’s compartment. The premium suspension seat with fully adjustable forward, aft and lumbar positions allow added comfort for various sized operators.

4-5T Four-Wheel Battery Forklift

MAXIMAL four (4) wheel lift trucks are designed to be efficient, quiet and provide a clean air environment. Low noise, less pollution and safe operation.

Maximal A Series Electric Forklift 1.5- 3.0t can be purchased from Avis Forklift

A Series Forklift ranges from 4- wheels available from 1.5 - 3.5T.

Design concept is "Engineering for Driver". Maximal engineers have focused on improving the comfort safety for the new model, with more safety, more comfort and every small detail carefully designed prepared for the driver.